AUM Asset Management Ltd was founded by Jean-François de Clermont-Tonnerre in 2015 with the aim of providing high-value investments to institutional investors and family offices.

Seeing the growth and potential of AUM, Jean François de Clermont-Tonnerre decided to expand to the United States and lately, in London to capitalize on Brexit. AUM also strengthens partnerships with reputable asset managers and family offices in Switzerland and Canada to provide a tailor-made solution in the most strategical parts of the world.


High Performance

Our clients benefit from a refined, high performance investment approach, combining sophisticated and innovative real-assets based strategies with an exhaustive network of prime value.


Our independence and open-architecture investment approach allow us to help our clients take decisions in the most beneficial way for them.


Our flexibility offers the ability to deftly manoeuvre the fast-evolving environment of clients’ needs and changing regulations.


Excellence, privacy, ethics, responsiveness and full transparency towards its clients are the firm’s cardinal values.


Founded and managed by Jean-François de Clermont-Tonnerre, the company specialises in investment strategies with a focus on absolute return.

Our investment philosophy is driven by our commitment to seek sustainable and solid growth combined with a continuous consideration for wealth preservation.

Our approach is based upon four pillars: global macro, quantitative, fundamental, and technical. We combine a top down approach where economic trends are identified and incorporated in the investment strategy with a bottom up approach which ensures that individual opportunities are identified and incorporated in the portfolios of the funds.

Our investment approach is unrestricted by traditional investment frameworks, giving us the freedom to pursue the opportunity wherever it may be, aiming to obtain the best risk/return profile of the client.

In order to achieve our aim, we invest a lot of time on in-depth research, both at a macro and at a micro level, before engaging in any investment strategy or decision.

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