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AUM Asset Management Ltd. is an independent investment management company founded in 2015 by financier and investor Jean-François de Clermont-Tonnerre, which offers investment solutions, asset management, fund management and advisory services to institutional investors and family offices within an ESG (“environment, sustainability and governance”) framework.

With €200 million in assets under management and offices in Malta and London, AUM draws upon its expansive network of business contacts across Europe to deliver high-return traditional, alternative and real-asset investment solutions to its clients.


Strong Track Record

Clients benefit from AUM’s highly repeatable, performance-focused, investment approach that incorporates sophisticated and innovative real-asset and alternative strategies, alongside traditional offerings.

Commitment to ESG

Domiciled in Malta, partly due to the country's strong sustainability framework, AUM integrates environmental, sustainability and governance factors into all investment decisions. We seek consistent growth of clients' wealth, while having a positive impact on the planet and society.

Independent Structure

AUM’s independent firm structure and open-architecture investment approach allow us to help clients make decisions that are most beneficial to them and meet their specific investment needs and goals.

Flexibility and Agility

Flexibility in our investment approach enables us to be opportunistic in the investments we pursue, while adroitly maneuvering changes in industry regulations and staying on top of the latest business and market developments.


Transparency for our clients is paramount to AUM, as is excellence in what we do, client privacy, unwavering ethics and timely responsiveness, which serve as our core business and client values.


Our investment philosophy is driven by a commitment to achieving sustainable and solid growth for our clients, combined with wealth preservation from a risk mitigation standpoint. The investments we include in our portfolios are determined by their potential return profile and specific ESG factors, both from a bottom-up company and top-down macro perspective.


Our investment strategies include: global macro, merger-arbitrage, quantitative, fundamental, technical and real-asset-based. We seek the most favorable risk/return investment opportunities wherever they exist and are not constrained by traditional frameworks, which gives us the freedom to opportunistically identify the best ideas throughout the world to incorporate into our portfolios.


We conduct in-depth due diligence into our investment ideas, analyzing them from a macro and micro-level research perspective, and employ a variety of screens as part of our highly detailed and fully repeatable investment process.

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