We believe that the most critical part of any investment mandate is to understand the client’s key investment objectives and risk tolerance. For this reason, our team of experts offers bespoke services and guidance that address each clients’ specific needs and the financial markets on which they want to focus their capital, while adjusting the portfolio over time as our clients’ financial goals change and shift.


Partnering with AUM, our clients are given access to high-quality investment ideas, that are tailored to their specific geographies, investment and risk goals. Our holistic services take all aspects of your capital needs into account and provide you with the services that AUM does best:

  • Asset class and currencies management.
  • Macroeconomic thought leadership.
  • Real-time market insights.
  • Cutting-edge investment technology.
  • Ongoing regulatory support.


We ensure that all investments conform to the Eligible Assets Directive and truly reflect the investment strategy mandate and asset allocation criteria set by the Investment Committee. To do this, we partner with well-known third party risk management providers, such as RiskCap, to assist in overseeing the compliance and governance aspects of your portfolio and ensure full alignment.

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